quingifs: “Love You to Death is the first albu…


Love You to Death is the first album where Sara’s felt comfortable writing about her struggles with her sister. ‘In the years where I wasn’t secure in our relationship, I knew that was the one completely untouchable topic,’ she says, speaking rapidly. ‘I have left Tegan as a very protected thing — the only protected thing — and I think it’s because I was most afraid of it. Now that we’re good again and things are so strong between us, it’s really much safer for me to start to analyze it.’

[…] Tegan agrees that her and Sara’s relationship is probably the best it’s ever been. ‘What we’ve accomplished is so astronomical compared to what most people have to do,’ she says. ‘We have to work together, we have to share a face, an identity, we have to sleep next to one another on a bus — it’s incredible. So the fact that we even enjoy each other is a miracle. We’re lucky that I still hear Sara’s music and think that she’s a genius, she’s amazing, that she’s interesting and she can say things in a way that I could never.’” (x)