Sara: I just. Normally.. I’m not gonna lie to you. Sometimes I’ll just play through a mistake, ’cause I think, y’know, that’s the professional –
Tegan: She never, ever, ever plays through a mistake.
Sara: *laughs* No, sometimes I do.
Tegan: No. Sara takes after our mother. She has to stop and draw attention to the problem.
Sara: *laughs* I just wanted to be –
Tegan: *mockingly* “Did you know that your fans don’t like that there’s barricades?”
Sara: *laughs* Shut up. Um –
Tegan: “They don’t like the record as much because there’s a whole band on it. They’d like it better if it was just you two.”
Sara: Is this mom?
Tegan: Yeah.
Sara: Are you doing mom right now?
Tegan: Yeah.
Sara: It’s weird. You start to really sound like her a lot. Like, sort of whiny.
Tegan: Mom’s not whiny! I will fuckin’ take you down right there if you talk about my mom. *laughs* Don’t talk about my mom.